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How We Work

Our relationships are partnerships. The engagement and process is dependent on how we will work together. We typically start by listening and learning more about you. We have intake forms and questionnaires. The more information we have the more thorough we can be.

We are a fee-based, independent advisory firm. Our fees are dependent upon the type of work we are doing for you and what our partnership looks like. Our services range from broad, comprehensive planning to more specific task-based engagements. We can discuss your needs and what works best for our relationship.

Dream. Envision. Create. Succeed.

Analysing the Numbers

Step 1

The 1st step is for us to listen and learn about you. We identify what is most important to you, what your WHY for money is, gather all your personal and financial data, develop your financial wish list and help you get into an abundance mind set. 

Market Analysis

Step 2

Once we have all of your information and data we test the health of your current financial situation. We evaluate your current strategies against new solutions. We assess your risk and opportunities for getting the most out of every dollar and making your money work for you.


Step 3

Once we have evaluated your situation we are able to set up a financial model customized for you. You will have a real-time, full view of your whole financial picture. You will have a personal CFO to partner with you and educate, guide and counsel you to make sure you are reaching your goals, objectives and full financial potential.

Tree Lined Path

Step 4

We know the only predictable thing in life is change. We will be there for you every step of the way. We will regularly monitor your financial health, track your progress and provide regular reviews and new strategies.

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