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Our Clients

We believe in partnering with our clients and building a relationship for financial success and freedom. You've worked hard for your money and we take that seriously. It's a privilege for us to know where each of our client's have been and where each of them want to go. Everyone's situation, experiences and goals are unique and that's how we treat each one of our relationships.

In private wealth, we work with business owners, medical professionals, and executives who are already established or ready to set their path for financial freedom. For corporations, we specialize in 401(k) management and business consulting.


Medical Professionals

Business Owners/


Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans (401(k))


1. Investing based on sound strategies and not just one philosophy

2. Looking at the downside first, not the upside

3. Focusing on reduced risk and volatility through diversification and trend-following strategies. Too much diversification can diminish returns. Being too aggressive can create too much volatility. 

4. Good investment behavior is key to success

5. Indexing almost always outperforms active investing

6. Creating your own safety net

7. You need short term and long term money

9. Investing is about maximizing your financial potential with good habits, control, value, and a financial model that anticipates real life

10. Simplifying

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